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My newly-designed 12"x16" Shamrock Carrier/Palette Box with retractable brackets on a Spring day with Mitch Kolbe. This box has the capacity, as an option, to carry all standard-size and non-standard-size panels from 1"x4" to 12"x16" in various combinations.

"I love this box...You did an excellent job. I think it will serve me well."

          - Mitch Kolbe

My new Shamrock Retractable Carrier/Palette Box being put to good use by Bill Farnsworth during a Plein Air Painters - Southeast (PAPSE) event in Georgia, USA.

"I've been using all week and love it..."

          - Bill Farnsworth

The 12"x16" Shamrock Basic Palette Box on the plein air painting job with Jennifer Stottle Taylor.

Thomas Wezwick painting somewhere in New Mexico with his 12"x16" Shamrock Carrier Palette Box.

Ann Moeller Steverson and Kerry Dunn in the Protege Atelier studio with 12"x16" basic palette box.

Kim O'Brien with her 11"x14" Shamrock Carrier Palette Box and Panel Holder.

"I love my easy-to-use, extremely well-made Shamrock Palette Box. It carries the essentials and remains light-weight making Plein Air painting anywhere a breeze. Many of my painting friends complain about some aspect of their boxes, but I've yet to find anything that I don't like about mine!"

          - Kim O'Brien

This is a 12"x16" Basic PaletteBox with retractable tripod bracket being used by  Tom D. Taylor  somewhere near Vancouver, Canada. When open, this box has a big 12"x32" work area. A nice shoulder strap is optional.

"After a lot of study, I'm so happy I chose the Shamrock PaletteBox. The large work area, excellent workmanship, and sturdy build are perfect for my weekly plein air outings. I'm getting a lot of good comments from my painting buddies. Thank you, Conor."

          - Tom D. Taylor

Connie Ulrich with her 9"x12" Shamrock Carrier Palette Box and Panel Holder.

"I LOVE my new box!"

          - Connie Ulrich

This is a Shamrock canvas/panel extra long 24"-capacity... being used by Rokhaya Waring near Gloucester, Massachusetts.

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