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Shamrock(tm) Plein Air Painting Equipment

In addition to my work in the studio, I do plein air painting. I grew really tired of dragging my klunky "French" easel around with's so heavy and cumbersome. So, I made a very simple, basic palette that I could just hang onto my camera tripod like I had seen others do.


After using that for awhile, I wanted something better. I enjoy working with wood, so I set about developing a portable palette box with a unique design for attaching it to any camera tripod. My design incorporates the attachment brackets as a structural part of the box, making it very strong and stable. In addition, I build canvas/palette holders and offer various options for the boxes.

I build each box as if I were building it for myself (I'm very particular.) using high-quality clear pine, oak, and birch. For parts that are glued, I use good waterproof glue. All the hardware is solid brass and stainless steel. Each box is individually handcrafted here in The Tennessee Valley, USA.


All of my Shamrock(tm) PaletteBoxes are very light-weight, yet strongly-built, weighing from a little over a pound to a little over four pounds empty...more for larger Carrier/PaletteBoxes. Depending upon the box size and camera tripod, the entire kit weighs from about 5 to 10 pounds. You can be set up and be ready to paint in three minutes or less (I've timed it.)

Part of my studio

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