All Shamrock(tm) PaletteBoxes are usually built on order. Sizes available are 9"x12, 11"x14", 12"x16", and 16"x20". All sizes, except the 16"x20", are available with fixed or retractable tripod brackets and as palette-only boxes, or as palette/carrier combo boxes. With lids open, the palette/work area is double the box example, the 12"x16" box has a palette/work area of about 12"x32" when open for painting.

The Basic (palette-only) PaletteBoxes do not carry painting panels. The Carrier PaletteBoxes can hold wet palette and one, or more wet panels. Carrier PaletteBoxes can be custom-built to carry wet canvases. All of the Carrier PaletteBoxes can store paint tubes, brushes, and other small items under the lids when they are closed.

All boxes are finished with a penetrating oil/varnish treatment, and are ready to preparation necessary.

Various options are available a la carte...see below.

Due to natural variations in wood such as grain and color, and being individually built by hand, no two boxes are identical. Allow two to four weeks for building and shipping.

Fixed-Bracket Palette-Only Box

The standard basic box includes wet palette area plus left and right work areas for paint tubes, brushes, etc., or for additional palette space. It is available in three sizes: 9"x12", 11"x14", and 12"x16". See More Info.

Basic Palette-only Box:

9x12: $120

11x14: $140

12x16: $160  plus shipping/handling



"Gloucester" PaletteBox

This fixed-bracket box is specifically designed to fit nicely onto a Beauport, or other Gloucester-style easel. It's available in two sizes: Large, and HUGE. Paints, palette, brushes, medium... everything is out front right at your fingertips. The 12x16 can, also, be used with a standard camera tripod. See More Info.

12x16: $190

16x20: $290  plus shipping/handling

16x20 Shamrock "Gloucester" PaletteBox with 36"x48" canvas on a Gloucester-style easel


Fixed-Bracket Carrier PaletteBox

The basic version of this box holds wet palette plus one, or more wet panels. It can be custom-built to carry two or more wet panels...same or multiple sizes, or one or two stretched canvases. See More Info.

Basic carrier/palette box:

9x12: $140

11x14: $160

12x16: $180   plus shipping/handling



Carrier PaletteBox

The basic version of this box features up to 12"x32" palette/work area when open. It can be custom-built to carry two, or more panels in any combination of any size panels (standard or non-standard) up to  12"x16". Ask for details. This model has retractable brackets which allows it to be just slightly larger than the maxmum panel size and be carried in a medium backpack or a knapsack.

Retractable Carrier Palette Box


Panel/Canvas Holder

Built of solid oak for strength. Attaches to any standard camera tripod quick-release head. Available in any length (capacity) for any size box. See More Info.

Panel/Canvas Holder:

Vertical capacity up to 24":

12": $60

14": $65

16": $70

18": $75

20": $80  plus shipping/handling


Palette Box Options

Various options are available a la carte. Ask for details. See More Info.

- Multi-Panel Size Capacity

- Shoulder Strap

- Rubber Feet

- Magnetically-Attached Holder

Camera Tripods

I don't sell tripods but I'm including a few examples. There are many good, inexpensive tripods that will work well with Shamrock boxes. Click the "More Info" button to read...well...more info.

OOOPs Discounted Items

At times, I have various items that have small imperfections. I sell these at a discounted price, the percentage depending on the item and nature of the imperfection.

Click the More Info button below to see if there are currently any discounted items available and how much you could save.


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