Well...I guess I'm not perfect.

Sometimes, my hand slips, I drop something and damage it, or I get something wrong when I'm building a box. If you want to save some money and don't mind a slight imperfection, you can order one of these items at a discount. These minor imperfections are superficial appearance things and in no way affect the usefulness and performance of the box. You might not even notice them if they weren't pointed out.

Mismatched Wood Grain on Lids

Somehow, I managed to make these lids in reverse order, so the grain is mis-matched.

This is a 12"x16"-capacity Carrier/Palettebox which carries two wet panels up to 1/4" thick and has a removable palette. It mounts onto the legs of a standard camera tripod.

This minor defect is superficial and has no affect on the use and performance of the box. I've reduced the price by 10% from the regular price of $210 to  $189 .

plus shipping/handling

This photo shows the box open. When open, it has a work area of about 12"x32". Here, you can see the slide-out palette and the slots for storing the two wet panels.

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