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Gloucester PaletteBox with TakeIt Easel

"Gloucester" PaletteBox

The "Gloucester" PaletteBox attaches quickly and easily to a Gloucester-style easel. It is available in three sizes.


Clamping Knob

The box quickly attaches to the easel simply by clamping it on with two finger-friendly clamping knobs.

(The Gloucester PaletteBoxes will, also fit most any standard camera tripod, now. Photos on this page will be replaced with new photos soon.)


Back View on Easel


An optional shoulder strap is shown here. The strap has solid brass and stainless steel hardware, and is available in green camo or forest green.


Front View with Lids Open

This 16"x20" "Gloucester" PaletteBox has a working area of about 16"x40" when open. The front of the box drops down for easy access to the palette area. An optional auxiliary brush tray is shown attached to the right side.

The 12"x16" and the 12"x20" "Gloucester" can, also, be used with most any standard camera tripod.

All Shamrock PaletteBoxes feature mortised hinges for added strength.

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