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Palette Box Options


Multi-Size Panel Capacity

Add this option and your box can carry any standard or odd-sized panels in most any combination up to the max box capacity.

Includes two dividers for each slot:

1+ Box - $50 installed in your box

2+ Box - $70 installed in your box


Shoulder Strap

Nice 1.5"-wide strap with heavy-duty, brass swiveling snap hooks, brass slide buckle, and stainless steel attachment points on box. Available in Shamrock Green, Shamrock Camo, and Green Digital Camo.

Shoulder strap installed with pad marine eye attachment points:

$40 installed on your box

(Specify color when ordering.)

Magnetically-Attached PanelHolder

Attach the panel holder to your box with a click for convenient transport. Works with any size panel holder on any size box...your choice. Attaches across front of lids on retractable models.

Magnetically-Attached PanelHolder:


(Cannot be retrofitted...must be ordered with box and holder. Must be matched to a specific box...not interchangeable with other boxes. On Retractable boxes the holder is attached across the front of the lids.)

Rubber Feet

Add these feet if you want to be able to stand your box on the floor or ground like a briefcase. The feet are attached with solid brass screws.

Four rubber feet with brass screws:

$10 installed on your box


Auxiliary Brush Tray

Magnetically attaches to both the right, and left side of the open palette box. Add two for even more extra brush space.


$40 for two

(Supports weight of brushes, pencils, and other small items. Does not support heavier items.)



Pre-Prepped Palette Patina

The main palette area is prepared with a nice neutral grayish/brownish patina for using the wood palette in the traditional way.

I recommend doing this yourself but, if you don't want to, this gets you off to a good start.


Adds a week to build time.

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